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Custom Kit Web Design

You've browsed enough sites to know that an emphasis on design is critical. Some sites "get it" - most don't.

Truly Good Design's Custom Kit is exactly what a website needs to make a lasting impression.

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Having an online presence and saying the right things is no longer enough; you've got to make sure the message looks good, too.

The problem with investing in a website without focusing on the intricacies of the design are basic: if your site is not pleasing to your customer's eye, they will search for another one that is.

Our Custom Design Kit provides you with an opportunity to ensure that your business has an online home that people want to stick around.

If we had our way, every client would choose the Custom Kit, ensuring their investment results in an eye-catching and unique website!

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Custom Kit Details

  • Customized, dynamic design process:
    • Begin with 3 unique mock-ups
    • Choose 1 mock-up to work from
    • Integrate as many details from other mock-ups as desired
    • Receive up to 3 rounds of edits to further refine customized design
  • Home page plus up to 14 additional pages
  • On-line contact form with up to 10 fields to capture order requests, information, feedback, suggestions, & questions
  • Content about client’s organization or business (to be provided by the client)
  • Unlimited internal links
  • Domain name registration
  • 3 months of hosting (note: 12 months hosting minimum is recommended)
  • Coded with validated XHTML and Standards-Compliant CSS
  • Code optimized to boost Search Engine Rankings with a focus on PageRank
  • Browser compatibility optimization for Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera
  • Baseline cost: $2500

NOTE: The custom design provided in this package is as good as it gets. Some businesses may be working with smaller budgets. See our Starter Kit or Standard Kit.

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